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Cindy Ebert Photo

Cindy Ebert, ELI-MP

Cindy Ebert began her career as a coach, cheerleader, consummate supporter and muse in her childhood. You know her. The friend that is always so excited for you to succeed! After years in community banking managing people and working with small business owners and entrepreneurs, her enthusiasm has been matched by her experience. Cindy brings real-world experience, her knowledge of what it takes to succeed, and her boundless enthusiasm to her role as a consultant, coach, and cheerleader, bringing dreams to reality.

Today, Cindy is the founder and principal at The Growth Collaborative, a company dedicated to working with business owners and leaders to develop strategy, identify roadblocks and realize success. Cindy has found that no challenge is too big, or too small to address head-on, to address with thought and integrity, and to leverage as an opportunity to open the organization up to healthy decision making, open communication, and leadership. Cindy has been a steward to companies in Marketing, Banking, Restaurants, Health Care, Manufacturing and Information Technology as they have addressed issues, grown to accept their opportunities and developed leadership and integrity in order to master their futures.


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