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Customer First Certification

Customer First Certification

October 23, 2019

What does a deep understanding of ourselves have to do with delivering excellent customer service? The answer is everything. Excellent customer service hinges upon your ability to create understanding between yourself and a customer from within each other’s frame of reference. What does that mean? When you see pieces and parts of yourself in another person, you are able to help that person address their needs more effectively. What else is this called? Empathy.

Customer First Certification is an innovative approach to customer service training. By working through exercises designed to deepen self-awareness, along with traditional constructs in customer service training such as Customer Experience Standards, The Growth Collaborative teaches how creating empathy in the customer service relationship leads to more satisfaction in going above and beyond for the customer, a deeper relationship between you and your customer leading to higher customer satisfaction and future opportunities, and more personal fulfillment in providing world-class customer service.

Customer First Certification will provide you with tools to deepen your understanding of yourself and your customers, show you how to bring your strengths and awareness of your weaknesses to the delivery of excellent customer service, and refresh, renew and revitalize your outlook on customer service delivery.

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