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SMIF Achieve Greatness Workshop

SMIF Achieve Greatness Workshop

October 15, 2019

Understanding your leadership style, strengths, and weaknesses and applying that style to the goals that you have set to achieve your strategy is the secret to optimizing your success in business and in life. But how do you do that? Where do you start?

The SMIF Achieve Greatness Workshop is designed to give participants the information that they need to confidently go forth and achieve their business goals. The Growth Collaborative starts by developing self-knowledge and an understanding of each participant’s leadership style and then moves through the strategic planning process in order to develop action items to achieve success. Showing a person who they are has a direct effect on the success of the organization and its key to creating success, engagement, and ownership.

The SMIF Achieve Greatness Workshop Empowers leaders with an understanding of their company’s challenges and opportunities and an understanding of how their personal leadership style can help their organization.

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