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The Red Granary Renovation

The Red Granary Exterior_1

The Red Granary Renovation

September 9, 2019

gra·​na·​ry | \ ˈgrā-nə-rē , ˈgra- \

plural granaries

Definition of granary

1a: a storehouse for threshed grain
1b: a region producing grain in abundance
2: a chief source or storehouse

When you looked out the picture window in our living room, a little to the left, you would see an old windmill clattering away in front of an old Granary on its last leg. The siding sagged, the roof was starting to buckle, and the foundation was crumbling. There was something about it though, maybe it was its size and shape, maybe it was the way that it was tucked unto a grove of trees next to our garden, or maybe it was that it was a Granary, a place to store sustenance, energy, and potential.

My husband Pat and I were looking for a comfortable space for our business to bring people together to revitalize, to take a break from their daily lives and responsibilities to recharge, and to get the sustenance that they needed to gain clarity and set goals. It was probably kismet – since we had moved to our farm we had been looking at a space with a purpose that had always been to provide the sustenance needed to support life and provide growth.

Since we bought our farm, we had been making improvements to support our family and our lives. We started with our home, turning it into the epicenter of our family’s lives and soon kids, friends, family, and neighbors were stopping through what seems like a revolving door. We improved our land and pastures with upgraded drainage and grazing techniques, we cleaned up the old barns that were beyond repair and built new ones designed for the equipment we needed for farming operations.

The Granary was to become our retreat, for ourselves, our family, and our business. Once we made the decision to revitalize the Granary, the project took on a life of its own. At first, we got a lot of opinions about how the Granary was beyond repair, but we were so excited to preserve a space that’s purpose had always been to provide sustenance. Soon, our vision caught on with our family, friends, and community and we had people recommending resources, coming up with ideas, and helping us with all aspects of the renovations.

We used everything we could from the original structure – barn wood beams, flooring, exterior siding, tin and repurposed materials from the farm to make pieces of furniture, fixtures, and design elements. When you look around the granary everything has a story. The sills have been worn with age and use, the trim made of mice-chewed flooring, the sink came from an old farmhouse, and everything together gives the space a feeling of renewal, supported by its original purpose to store and provide the bounty of the harvest.

We kicked off the Granary project at the end of May 2018 and were able to celebrate its opening with a party for friends, family, clients, and colleagues by the beginning of December. Since then, we have had countless meetings, retreats, celebrations and working sessions in the space. And you know, when you go to The Granary to work on the challenges and opportunities you face in your life, it fulfills its original purpose of providing the sustenance you need to meet those challenges.

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