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ICBA LEAD FWD Summit 2018


ICBA LEAD FWD Summit 2018

October 9, 2018

What do you get when you take “up-and-coming” leaders in the industry and add the Growth Collaborative’s ability to lead people through a process that identifies personal management style, passion, and future goals?

Over 100 industry professionals with a clear vision of their next steps, action items that can be completed within the week and the excitement and motivation that accompanies the clarity that comes with the strategic vision put into action.

The Growth Collaborative had the opportunity to spend time with emerging leaders in Community Banking at the ICBA Lead Forward Summit in Louisville Kentucky. What a delight to see leaders in that industry apply an understanding of themselves to their desired outcomes in order to reach clarity in their personal paths to success. Sometimes, it takes taking the time to jot down what is really important to a person professionally, along with one’s owns strengths and weaknesses to see the path forward. Based upon our reviews, the reactions we got in our sessions and the excitement that was palpable in the room, ICBA was over the moon with the value that The Growth Collaborative was able to bring to its Emerging Leaders.

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